How to get to 12-22North sustainably!

You have options! Here at 12-22North Co-working, we are committed to sustainable transportation. In our backyard is a covered bike rack so members who can bike to work have a place to lock their bikes out of the weather. We are also half a block away from the bus stop and encourage members to take public transportation. We installed an EV charger in our parking lot for our members as well as the public to use. As members of the CATMA Employee Transportation Coordinator Network, our members can network with other businesses and nonprofits in Chittenden County that are committed to sustainable transportation as well. 


 Our covered bike rack provides a place to park your bike out of the rain.  


We are located on line 7 of Green Mountain Transit, half a block from a bus stop. Interactive bus guides can be found here:

To get downtown and to UVM, use the Red Line

To get to the Airport, walk/bike or take the Red Line to the Downtown Transit Center, then take the Purple Line to the Airport. 

Download the Transit App for updates on when your bus will arrive and schedules.

You can also buy your ticket or pass online with the Token Transit App.

Electric Vehicle

We have a well-lighted EV charger by the side parking lot which can be used with the EVmatch App. You can reserve the space on the App and pay directly through the App – no RFID or key needed. Or, reserve on the EVmatch website. Testing and support by the IoT Conduit


Greenride Bikeshare is a great way to get around Burlington without having to wait for the bus or pay for the price of a rental car. The fleet will be upgraded to all e-bikes in spring of 2020. If you are planning to use a bike for more than a quick trip, the website also has links to longer-term bike rentals in town.  

For members who are in Burlington for longer periods of time or visit on a regular basis, Carshare Vermont is an option for the occasional time you need a car. You can save money on car maintenance, gas, and insurance, and help the environment as well!

For more information on how to get around Burlington sustainably, check out the CATMA Commuter Solutions page