Afternoon Break Spots

Afternoon Break Spots Near 12-22 North

Everyone needs a break from their computer screen every once in a while. Explore the countless things to do within just a few blocks of 12-22 North that are perfect for a quick walk or an afternoon away from the office. 

Battery Park 

Historic park with a playground, food truck, and unbeatable lake views. Only a block away!

Waterfront Park

Perfect for a walk along the dock or for relaxing under a tree. Just past Battery Park.

A_Dog Skatepark 

Lakeside park located just at the end of North Street!

North Beach

One of Burlington’s largest beaches with a grill area and other facilities. Just a 5 minute drive away. Or, check out Texaco, a smaller, dog-friendly beach just south of North beach.

Church Street

Take a quick shopping break and get a bite to eat in the heart of Burlington, just 5 minutes away.

Rock Point

A great spot just past North beach with hiking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful cliffs overhanging the lake.

Sailing Center 

Affordable sail boat, paddleboard, canoe and kayak rentals for an afternoon on the water.

Echo Center

Learn about Lake Champlain and all it has to offer at the science museum located right on the waterfront.