COVID-19 Response Timeline

COVID-19 Response Timeline
12-22 North / IoT Conduit

Since the Vermont Executive Order to shut down all non-essential businesses, 12-22 North has been proactive in creating plans and taking action to keep our building safe for tenants. Through CDC guidelines and our own professional standards, we’ve been able to achieve a few milestones in terms of COVID-19 safety that we’re proud of. Read some of our updates below and check back in for more improvements as we continually work towards a “new normal” for our offices.  

Since late July, the IoT Conduit has been working on an innovative, contact-free, one stop Coronavirus Safety Station. The prototype is being tested at 12-22 North to check in guests, detect abnormal temperature, monitor indoor air quality, occupancy and social distancing patterns, and schedule safe cleaning habits. Ultimately, the station is designed to detect and communicate the current risk of the building to tenants in order to reopen faster and safer. Learn more about the kiosk itself here and about the technologies integrated in the system here

The station also includes an automated check-in procedure that is displayed at the entrance to the building. Guests and tenants are prompted to fill out a questionnaire.  Next, they must record their temperature with our touch-less sensor. The full instructions that are displayed can be found here.

Way back when the Executive Order in Vermont was ordered and shut down 12-22 North, we began working on a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan for the building, that outlines our plans going forward to better communicate with our tenants about the precautions we’re taking. 

In order to comply with updated ventilation requirements for buildings, 12-22 North has been taking steps to upgrade our ventilation systems to allow for more fresh air intake and outflow of air. We have actively been monitoring and increasing our indoor air quality to ensure indoor protection from the virus. 

After working with an energy and engineering consultant to update our HVAC system, she was able to provide us with a thorough COVID-19 Safety Evaluation Report as of August 17th, which can be found here

Along from having to shift our business model away from co-working and towards private/ remote work space, we also had to completely reorganize 12-22 North to fit this model and new COVID-19 restrictions. We took multiple desks out of our flex conference room and added moveable, glass barriers to accommodate a smaller occupancy standard with social distancing metrics. Most of our rooms had to be converted from shared co-working spaces to single occupancy private offices. We added many more plants throughout the office to fill space and create a cleaner environment.

Signage to manage occupancy flow and reminders about social distancing and mask wearing in the building has also proved helpful to ensure all tenants feel comfortable and safe.

Since September, we opened our offices almost exclusively to college students to get the most out of their remote/hybrid semester. This new study space program has allowed us to remain open with tenants without the risks of co-working in today’s environment.