Events Venue

Have your event in style!

Our Events Venue includes an indoor conference room which can host up to 49 people and an outdoor area which cant host 100. In the past it has been used for meetings, conferences, planning sessions, and the Ramble with the indoor area being used as the green room and home base for the organizers and volunteers and the outdoor space being used for the Roundup – an event with live music and drinks. 

Layout of Premises

Conference Room

Indoor room for events complete with tables, chairs, monitors, sound equipment, and a kitchenette for food and drink preparations. We are striving to be zero waste, so we provide dishes and a dishwasher to anyone using the event space.


Outdoor space for summer events. Beautiful gardens and a picnic table provide a great location for any type of event. Bathrooms indoors are readily accessible along.

Facilities include WiFi, 2 restrooms, a kitchenette with dishes and a dishwasher.