Study Space Ambassador Program

Study Space Ambassador Program

Heard about our Study Space @ 12-22 North? Read about it here:

We want every student to be able to utilize our offices and resources here. If our price model seems out of your budget, you may want to consider our ambassador program, which allows you to bring down the cost of your membership by contributing to the space in a way that works for you and all space members. 

Daily ambassadors have a few responsibilities each day, like opening the office, some general cleaning and tidying, and other tasks to help maintain the building.  You will still be able to do your work while you are filling the daily ambassador role and will get that day of study space for free! This would be a great opportunity for a remote student to study and virtually attend class in a comfortable, quiet office setting for no cost. This position would require about 10 hours/week of work. 

We are also looking to fill graphic designer and IoT engineer positions as part of our ambassador program. We are searching for an apprentice who is experienced with Photoshop and other programs and feels comfortable making logos, pages, and signage for the building as a graphic design ambassador. As for the IoT app engineer apprentice, we are searching for someone comfortable with Raspberry PI and Node-RED configuration, MQTT converters for smart devices in Python and Arduino, and a few other IoT tasks. You can read more about this position here

This ambassador program would allow us to connect with an apprentice that can help us with basic IoT technology and 12-22 North green building maintenance, and offer an affordable study space plan, resources, and experience for students in exchange.

If you want to learn more or are interested in getting involved in our community, please contact us! Send an email to or call 802-503-5523 for more info.