Available Work

Available Jobs at 12-22North

Below is a list of projects which we are looking for people to complete. Reach out to AJ at aj@iotconduit.com for more information. We are open to paid and/or bartered service. 

Backyard gate

The fence in the backyard is in need of repair. Part of this project will be fixing the gate into the backyard and creating a fence around the recycling and trash bins.


We have 3 rooms that will need some painting. The conference room (on the left, above) needs a full repainting. The offices (the one pictured on the right above, plus another one of similar size) need some spot painting.


The outside trim of the building needs to be scraped and repainted.


The wooden windows in several offices need to be sanded and refinished. Also, looking for a nice wooden bench to be made for the corner of a private office.


The back windows of the building need to be fixed to be able to open smoothly.