Green Building Experiment


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Stormwater Management

We are committed to reducing our impact on Lake Champlain and the biota that inhabit it. By catching rainwater in barrels around the building and using that water to fill our fish tank and water our plants, as well as having a stormwater retention pond in our driveway, we have achieved a BLUEⓇ Certification which marks our commitment to stormwater management.

Zero Waste

We have an active worm compost bin in the building. This form of composting uses worms to break down food scraps such as coffee grounds and banana peels and creates compost, which we use to fertilize our Wild for Pollinators gardens around the building. In addition to this, we have a more traditional compost bin in the back which can handle larger amounts of waste including grass clippings and other yard waste.

Along with our composting and recycling efforts, we have a kitchenette with dishes and a dishwasher which our members can use to ensure that we do not need single use cups, plates, or plastic wear in our building.

We encourage all members and guests to help us work towards a goal of being a zero waste facility.