Craftspeople Wanted

12-22 North is a solid 40-year old active and passive solar building that hosts a variety of small business tenants and community events. We are looking for craftspeople who want to use their skills to help us eliminate our deferred maintenance and move to a preventive maintenance schedule to save costs. We offer a great work environment, flexible scheduling, prompt payment and tenant appreciation for quality work.

Window Replacement for South Windows

Looking for someone to replace the pane and trim of an outside-facing window

Skylight Replacements

Looking for someone to replace leaking skylights / survey skylights for leaks. 6 Velux skylights in total with 2 downstairs and 4 upstairs.

Ramp Replacement

Looking for someone to revamp our front ramp walkway with new slats & environmental shielding

Privacy Door / Curtain Installation

Looking for someone to install privacy “shielding” to separate a large conference room from other rooms

IT Cabinet Relocation

Looking for someone to relocate our suspended IT cabinet with minimal downtime

Door & Door Frame Replacement

Looking for someone to install two doors in a non-conventional arch-shaped doorway

Tree Revival or Removal

Lookin for someone to either revitalize our tree or remove our withering tree in the back

Stair Landing Repair

Looking for someone to repair a stair landing that has loose boards and a crack

Stair Integrity & Possible Expansion Surveyance

Looking for someone to inspect the integrity of outdoor stairs in addition to addressing the feasibility of expansion


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