Co-working Quick Tips

Co-working Quick Tips

Yes, there is a printer for all tenants and co-workers located on the first floor in the area between the conference room and Office 8.

To use it, first go to “Settings” on your computer, then to “printers and scanners”, then click “add new”. The printer, called “Brother-MFC8660DN @ lobon” will appear. Once you have added it to your known printers, you can navigate to the print window of your document, and click the drop-down button on the “destination” box. You should be able to see and select the printer here or by clicking the “see more” button.

First, navigate to (can be accessed from the 12-22North homepage). In the Reserve section, click on the blue “reserve” button on one of the offices and register for a free membership. Before reserving an office, click on the profile in the top right corner and then the “Memberships” tab. Click the blue “Upgrade” button to upgrade your membership from a Community Member. You can upgrade to a Day Pass membership in this tab by choosing “Activate membership” and schedule whichever day and office fits your needs. 

Once you’ve activated the membership and paid, you can easily book any office and edit your schedule in the Reservations tab. 

All the light switches are located behind the front desk.

Tenants should use the “12-22 North Public” wifi with the password 12-22North

Upon making a reservation in Proximity, you should have front door access capabilities with your account. Download the “Proximity mobile” app on your phone and log in with the account you’ve created. 
In the “keys” tab you should have access to the front door when you’re in range from 8 – 5 pm.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a building manger for more help with key access.