Ambassador Program

Save money and build the community

The 12-22 North Co-working Ambassador program allows you to bring down the cost of your membership by contributing to the space in a way that works for you and all space members.  

Daily Ambassadors act as a spokesperson for the coworking space on a set day, 1 day a week and keep things pleasant and welcoming (M, Tu, W, Th or F).  Duties include welcoming in people who stop in, making coffee, emptying office trash and recycling as appropriate, and keeping the kitchen tidy.  Essentially, be a good role model.  You will still be able to do your work while you are filling the Daily Ambassador role and will get that day of coworking for free!   

For those interested in being part of the 12-22North transformation to Net Zero, we also are looking for Mission Ambassadors who have a skill they want to  barter market rate services for co-working in graphic design, photography, marketing, controls and indoor plant care.  

If you are interested, please feel free to reach out and let us know which part of the program you want to take part in using the the contact form below: